Sunday, September 9, 2007

Appearances and Consequences

Something funny I realized in the past is that certain television shows, such as The Simpsons and South Park, have episodes that connect with almost every circumstance in real life. You name it, every topic is covered. Until today, however, I hadn't realized the same pertained to music too. Well, of course I knew there were numbers of genres with unlimited artists, but it never really clicked how on-top-of-it some people really are. For instance, one of my favorite new artists, Ben Folds, really does cover a wide variety of topics that ascertain to "real life."

You can see lower in my profile, that I used one of his pieces entitled "Still Fighting It" to represent my point in the Secret Messages post, but when I looked at the topic for my next post and saw appearances, i laughed to myself. One of my favorite Ben Folds songs, "There's Always Someone Cooler Than You," is all about appearances and how people change themselves to be liked by others. The chorus goes, "Make me feel tiny if it makes you feel tall, but there's always someone cooler than you." He goes on to explain how life is short and you shouldn't spend it worrying about what other people think about you.

It is amazing to see how self conscience teenagers are and how much they change themselves. In the last generations, you didn't see 13 year olds piling make up onto themselves or wearing low cut shirts and short shorts. In the work world, but especially in the high school world, appearances mean everything to most people, and it is sad. The people that don't worry about how others judge them are generally much happier people.

(If you would like to hear the song- It is on my "Ipod" thingy)

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Mark@NTHS said...

Hey carly
i think thats really cool about how you were saying that all these poeple write songs about real life songs that alot of which do pertain to the average high school-er at the time and in high school is when you hear the songs that ypu remeber for the rest of your life and the songs that really inspire you. For example my parents when i was a kid i never got the songs they loved to listen too but when i hear the things they listen too today and have a more matured mind to understand them they are about real life expierences like vietnam and other things pertainign to that or hippie erra. But its sad to think about whats popular for a lot of kids is rap and when you hear these songs with all this profanity and "secret messages" when you think about it we as teenagers are molded so much by what we listen to, or hear in the lymelite. ANd its just werid to think about will a song like "im in love with a stripper" really be an example of our generation?