Monday, May 26, 2008

Around the World

I was just scrolling down Bolos and O'Connor's blog, and right around the bottom, was something long forgotten; the "where in the world" application. It shows, in clusters of red dots, where people are from that have viewed the blog. I tried to put it on my blog way back when, but it never really worked out for me (Mr. Bolos's technological prowess astounds me).

So, back to my story- I saw it and there were red dots covering almost all I could see of North America and Europe, most of Australia, and a good part of South America. It is amazing that a simple blog for a high school class in Winnetka, Illinois could have grabbed the attention of people all over the world. People have seen it all over America- including in Alaska and Hawaii, in Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippians, Vietnam, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and almost every European country. Crazy, right?

It astounds me how these things can travel so quickly- the internet has been such an important tool in modern day life, and I can't imagine how people got around without it. It is astonishing to me, for example, in the Kentucky Cycle, the Rowens didn't know there was a new president until a stranger, JT, came and told them. I can't imagine living in a world like that after what I have experienced.


Stephanie H said...

Your last point is a good one - of the common mentality of "How did people ever live without it??". Times change fast, and I believe this is adding to the generation gap-- a lot of adults are not open to learning about new technology and stick to what they know, not understanding our ways (i.e. texting and stuff).

I dont really know where I'm going or the relevence.. sorry.

Mark@NTHS said...

i agree wiht you alot carly and a part of what stephanie said where all this modern techonology just keeps seperating the generation gap bigger and bigger. But carly i think you make a great point on how we really don't realize how we effect the world and we ALWAYS think, like yea right like i could make a difference. But this also relates great to the clay shirky discussion where it's better to be creating/producing something and putting it out there than mindless zombie-like whatching t.v. and whats funny is when we see all these discussions like there are alot of predators on the internet and it's very different than you think but now i feel almost naiive because as you have proven SO MANY people have seen our blogs and seen what we have written

Tyler said...

i think it truly is interesting how fast the news can travel. A simple click of a button and anything can be anywhere. Our own personal lives can be tossed across the nation to those who want to learn or not. If you think about it, gossip at a school of 4,000 kids can travel in a day. And at the same time, gossip can travel across the world in less then that. Truly outstanding.