Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Art of Procrastination

Television, the Internet, iTunes, video games...In this new technological age, there have been so many incredible advances that are all astonishing in their own ways. Imagine yourself living in ancient times, life was much more simple then- you didn't have to worry about things today, life was just one big utopia (so to speak). Now, growing up in the 21st century, the minds of young teenagers are completely packed with their itinerary, how much homework they have, what tests to take in order to get into the best college they can. Life can sometimes seem unmanageable.

Even now, while trying to scrounge for something interesting to write about, I find my mind wandering, and that's when procrastination takes place. If an idea doesn't instantly form in my mind, I get frustrated then, my mind wanders. The thing that frustrates me most, though, is the fact that there is such a high standard thrust upon us students at such a young age. We are expected to do so many things in such little time that it causes stress which can ultimatly take a toll on our health. So when I procrastinate, I do feel guilty, but have to wonder if all these new advances are actually beneficial, or if "Ignorance is Bliss."

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