Sunday, December 9, 2007

Daniel Radcliff's Career Choices

I was perusing YouTube in my free time when I came across a video of a Daniel Radcliffe interview about his Equus performance. For anyone that is unaware of this, Equus is a play in which Daniel plays a disturbed young man who does some not so appropriate things (like molest a horse), and toward the end, there is actually full-frontal nudity; quite a step back from the little Harry Potter everybody grew up loving. There was a big controversy when the performance first started, but eventually people got over themselves and were supportive of him. It actually may have been one of the best things he could have done; many young stars often are characterized as playing one role, then they can never be casted again because they only have one image. Daniel has proven that he can break away from his solo role and do more with his career, which is impressive for any actor (especially child actor).


linzerfield said...
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linzerfield said...

i heard about that too. it's funny how people we idolize as children always seem to stay the same person throughout our lives. i think it's because people don't want to let go of their childhoods and if something or someone substancially changes..then our memories are altered. rather than remembering the brave young wizard, harry, people will hopefully recognize radcliffe as a real person...especially because instead of being cloaked by the screen..he's taking this big leap in front of a live audience, saying, "this is who i am, i have noting to hide. i'm real." good call car!