Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Power of Old People

We have been talking a lot about women and children and their place in society, but we haven't really talked about the differences between the way our culture and other cultures value the elderly. In some societies, they are treated with the utmost respect; regarded as full of wisdom and endearing to their families. Though in some places, they are worthless and can't add anything else to the community. Now Modern America does consider all people created equal, but how much so?

Now you all know how wrong this is, no matter how funny it is. This man, in his haste and impatience, rudely honked at this elderly woman as she was trying to cross the street. He could have asked her to move a little faster (he was in a convertable after all) or could have even helped her across the street, but no, he chose to dehuminize her. Am I the only one that is astounded by this?

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Sara D said...

I agree with you Carly that it is kind of weird how America is not a country that puts a lot of its values and morals on our elders. I do think elders bring a lot of wisdom to our society. However, I do think that times are changing. As for the video, I do thnink it is rude how this man was just honking at the woman. It is pretty commonly known that many of our elders move slower.