Friday, February 29, 2008

What's in a Name?

Recently the GOP and the media have had a field day. They have been parading the fact that one of the two leading Democratic candidates, Obama, has the middle name of Hussein. Now when I first heard of this controversy I laughed. I thought who cares? What difference does it make? Apparently the widespread media and many other influential members of society DID care. Then investigations were made and apparently Obama has some sort of ties with people that don't have Israel's best interest at heart. Well, first, if anybody tries hard enough, they can find ties between you and anyone they wish to (the six degrees of separation), and second look at our president today, look at what his father is tied to with his oil companies and who Dubya is tied to through that and by his own contacts. You are not given the choice of what your birth name is unless you wish to legally change it, but look at the percentages of America that actually choose that route. I think it is ridiculous to even fathom that Obama will have terrorist ties just based on the fact that his middle name is Hussein.

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Mark@NTHS said...

i think thats really funny and how many people have become famous just because they have a funny or interesting name. What was funny for example is that on ANTM two seasons ago Twiggy (iconic 60's model/judge on show) held a challenge for the girls to change their names to something interesting and when they would meet an agent or potential employer they would be more rememeber and its crazy how much that is true and how Twiggy's name was just a normal plain-Jane name for example Mark Jones but what made part of her fame so popular was this crazy name that everyone remebered and wanted to seem more of so to see how much popularity comes from a name seems almost crazy.