Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See

These outcomes truely are terrifying- but I'm prepared to agree with him on those matters- it would make much more sense to prepare ourselves for global warming and go with column A.

What's your opinion?


Brandon said...

Here's the "updated" version

..this guy drinks a LOT of Monster

Josh said...

I think this video presented its argument in a very professional way. They first gave us the chart and then told us the 4 outcomes. I personally beleive it is always better to act, even under false pretences, rather then to just sit around and be lazy. Great video. Im forwarding it for sure.

unfGuido said...

I agree with josh its is always good to act but I didnt see anthing about if we do act but we fail miserubly and the global climate change is just too much for our money to pay for. so really there are other scenorios, but I believe the guy has give some good points and seemes fairly reasonable.