Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Women and Children

When the term "Women and Children" is used, most people in the country, along with the class, relate the term to "The Titanic"- it is a classic representation of the use of the phrase. When I think of the connotation of "Women and Children" it seems a bit negative; it makes me think of weakness and helplessness, that can only be helped by the strong man who always saves the day.
In class while discussing the matter, I could not help but remember a movie that I had seen a couple years ago. "North Country" starring Charlize Theron is about a group of female coalminers who are both verbally and sexually abused by the men at work. They get no support from their superiors and can't quit because they need the money to feed their families- the main character is a single mother of two, she has to provide for her kids, and they have no idea of the horrors that she faces every day.

It is sickening how some of these women are treated right under the public's nose. And how are we to know if this continues to happen in remote parts of the country- even though we know this behavior is continued in other parts of the world. It is dehuminizing and must stop alltogether!

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